Uniform Line Laser

Powell line lens laser , 3D Scaner Laser, line laser for industrial image processing

Lasers for image processing from mxtlaser are used as structured illumination in many image processing systems. With this form of illumination the spatial contours of moving and non-moving objects can be captured.

The lasers are used in combination with an industrial camera to detect and measure defects, presence, diameter, edges, gaps and more. Depending on the type of objects to be examined, line lasers with homogeneous and thin line projections or different patterns (multi lines, dot grids, grid structures, random patterns etc.) as well as wavelengths (blue, green, red, IR) are usually used.

Item Powell
Optical Wavelength 395nm
Power <200mW
Operating Mode ACC/APC
Power Stability <5%
Fan Angle(°) 5,10,20,30,45,60,75,90,110
Line Thickness (1/e2) <20um
Working Distance/Focus Rang 50mm up to 10M/ Focusable
Line Straightness >1000:1
Line Uniformity ±25%(Over Central 80% of the Line)
Electrical Input Voltage (Vdc) 3/5/9/12/24
Operating Current (mA) <1000mA
Laser Driver Type TTL / CW / Analog
TTL Modulation Frequency(Khz) <100
Rise/Fall Time(Us) <15
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
ESD Protection
Connection Type
MTTF >8000 hrs
Mechanical Diameter(mm) φ8/φ10/φ12/φ14/φ20
Length(mm) 25~95mm
Material Hard Anodised Aluminium
Protection Class IP65/IP67
Environmental Operating Temperature(℃/华氏度)
Storage Temperature

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