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In early 2012, MXTLASER Technology Corporation established as a premier manufacturer of laser-based light sources. We are based on custom-centric philosophy that proactively delivers the exact solutions to our clients need, which are configured specifically for their applications.


MXTLASER is known for its systematic operation planning, starting from our own product design, R&D, marketing. MXTLASER is also developing products under its own brand name and aimed at a broad range of product line so as to meet the demands from consumer industry, as well as satisfying our customers specific needs.

Stable Quality

Raw materials we use are all Grade A quality.
* 100% Raw materials incoming test
* Semi-finished and Finished product test
* 24-72 hours aging test

Professional Team

Our technical team has experience in developing laser customized module. We have been developing laser for Laser rangefinder, Laser scanner, Laser sights, Laser medical instrument, Analysis instrument, Laser level, electric tools etc.

According to the customized requirements, our team are capable to provide suggestions and designs.

High Efficiency

* Our monthly output is 30000 ~ 50000 pcs.

* Sample available in 1-7 days, and normal order delivery time is only 7-15 days.

Excellent Service

Our professional sales team could respond your inquiry within 10-30 minutes during working hours and within 12 hours during close time. Quick and professional reply will help you win your client with perfect option at high efficiency.

For after-sale stage, our service team always keep close contact with you and always stand by at your service.

Our professional after sale service to help you solving problems. Our warranty is 12 months after delivery.


MXTLASER focused on semiconductor laser product manufacturer. Welcome To Contact Us.

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