Laser Sensor

Power supply requirements +15V 1A , -15V 1A X Y galvanometer motor, L-shaped galvanometer bracket, integrated galvanometer drive


This product requires only one light source to work easily and simply.
Calibrated mirrors calibrated according to the 15K standard
The actual speed is around 10K
Can play general animations, can’t play videos
Galvo Mirror Referecne.
Power supply voltage: ±15V
Analog signal input impedance: 200K ± 1% Ω (differential input), 100K ± 1% Ω (single-ended input)
Position output impedance: 1K ± 1% Ω
Position input scale factor: 0.5 V/°
Analog position input range: ±5 V
Position compensation range: ±2V
Position output scale factor: 0.5 V/°
Deviation output scale factor: 0.5 V/°
Electronic temperature stability: 40PPM/°C
Peak current: 2A
Average current: 0.5A (related to power supply, load and heat dissipation)
Ideal imaging position (planar)
Working temperature: 0~40°C Size: 81.5mm×40.5mm×28mm
Maximum scanning angle (mechanical angle): ±30° optical angle (factory setting ±20°)
Rotor inertia: 0.025 gm*cm2, ±10%


1. Laser test tools

2. Concentricity positioning

3. Medical equipment positioning

4. Production of signal equipment


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